Preschool Figures

Dinosaur Schlact

Figures can be like action figures with articulation. Tie ins to childrens educational shows are popular.

Dinosaur Kings by Sega Toys . Large hollow vinyl figures sold in Japan. Based on TV program.

Dinosaur Train, PBS program Learning Curve releasing figures and other companies also marketing products. Big release some articulated figure mostly solid vinyl figure with big feet and bright colors. Big relase 50+ figures.

Dino Dan, Nickelodeon progam, GeoWorld from Italy.

Digicards in the EU releases Predator figures for a card game internet site tie in.

Go Diego Go from Fisher Price based on the TV show. Playset with figures released. Some etras in toobs released.

Imaginext from Fischer-Price, released the T rex mountain that was out in time for Christmas.  The mountain came with a Ceratosaurus sold only with the play set. It is Ecovores verses Predators although some of the Ecovores are meat eaters? The cavemen have various catapult accessories. The most collectable being the small animals accessories trilobite, sea scorpion, lizard and early mammal. Big range of articualated figures see PlaySkool for similar figures.

PlaySkool dinosaurs are aimed at preschool age children.  In the 1980's the hard plastic articulated Definitely Dinosaurs series was marketed and is considered collectable.  Still in production are the soft bodied hollow vinyl figures originally produced as Wendy's Premiums.  Little Foot and his friends from the Big Valley would fit in with these guys.  There is also a children's JP line briefly produced.

Play Mobil sells Dinosaur sets to go with its great range of ferns, trees, and rocks. New release in 2013.