Dinosaur Train

New York Toy Fair 2011

Dinosaur train produced by Jim Henson Company for PBS Kids is a big hit with the two and three year olds.  Buddy the T Rex is adopted by a family of pterosaurs.  The many different dinosaur communities are connected by the Dinosaur train line.  There are magic tunnels to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.   It is educational and preschool oriented; the healthiest parts of the toy market.  This is a big release.  Many of the recurring characters like Buddy are cartoon caricatures but others are actually reasonable reconstructions.  There are three types of figures Interaction figures, small bulk and large bulk with some specials. I am encouraged by the range of dinosaurs preschoolers can be expected to learn.  This is for training of the next generation of collectors.

The 26 small bulk figures are a mixed bag compatible with the Go Diego Figures.   The baby figures and train crew are not remotely realistic but there are better looking Lesothosaurus, Oryctodromeus, Chirostenotes and Michelinoceras

Annie Tyrannosaurus Buddy Tyrannosaurus Conductor Troodon Conductor Tiny Pteranodon Conductor Buddy Daphne Daspletosaurus Don Pteranodon Mr Pteranodon Mrs Pteranodon Cory Corythosaurus Mookie Miaiasaura Shiny Pteranodon Perry ParasaurlophusSpikey Stygimoloch Tiny Pteranodon
Dinosaur Train Characters