Action figures

Usually articulated often brightly colored and not focused on accuracy. Tie

Carnage produced a line of high quality Resaurus articulated figures.  Repaints were marketed via a Discovery series.  It started production of a second series before disappearing.  The Carnage figures then were marketed by other companies (Toyway and Toysmith). Mini versions were sold at Dinosaur Farm. Collectable uncommon.

Chap Mei from China has a line of solid and articulated JP style figures. Comes with action figures and accessories.They are marketed by ELC , Animal Planet and as part of their Dino Quest line with action figures. See Dino Rescue, Arctic Quest and others. Collectable common.

Dino Warriors Unimaz toys: Another set of action figures these are from Panache Place.  On a faraway planet called ZAURUS, in a far-future time, a noble race of humanoids called the NEOMEN live among intelligent, dinosaur-like creatures called ZAURIDS. Using the awesome power of these giants, the Neomen build and defend an exotic civilization that lives in harmony with nature until the Darthal Horde riding their ZAURIDS attack.  Why does this make me think Dino Riders?  The good guys have Pyrraptor a feathered biped, Blade rex an allosaurid sprouting horns everywhere and Treatolops a ceratopsian.  The bad guys have Tygronont a dicynodont, Ram rex an allosaurid crossed with an ankylosaurid and Shrashtar another ceratopsid. Make up your dinosaurs and you can’t be wrong. They are so awful I had to get some otherwise ten years from now no one will believe me. Seems like there was a second release. Collectable uncommon.

Happinet: Japanese company hollow vinyl much like large Sega Dino Kings figures. Collectable uncommon in US.

HASBRO: Jurassic Park (JP) I, II, III movies, dinosaur toys. The articulate and electronic figures are of high quality and very collectable.  Some limited production figures have become very sought after.The King of the Dinosaurs toy spin-off - Rumor is that Hasbro discontinued the line but repaints are stilll rolling off and many knock offs. Strong collector base rare figures are very collectable.

Sega Toys Dinosaur Kings. Large hollow vinyl fugures sold in Japan. Based on TV program. Playmates makes smaller soild figures. There are also small collectables and a high diorama set. Collectable uncommon in US. Tie into to electronic games and anime series.

Thunder Beasts, by Sky Kids, were large vinyl semi articulated figures in 3 sizes.  Originally sold separately in a box containing a piece of dinosaur bone.  They came in 3 sizes with a large variety of dinosaur figures.  Later smaller boxed sets of several smaller figures in the same style were sold.  These were similar in size to the Hasbro JP figures and the raptors are often confused with JP figures. Collectable uncommon.

Tyco 1988 - 1992 produced The Dino Riders series of action figures and prehistoric animal figures in 1/24 scale.  The Dinosaurs were used later by the Smithsonian dinosaur series and finally as the Dinosaurs and Cadillac's actions figures.  Some of the figures are quite good, they are the first series of quality articulated figures, Bob Bakker was reputed to be associated as a consultant with the figures. Highly collectable uncommon.