Sub Museum and Chinasaur figures

Solid vinyl without a company name but imitating the museum style. Typical are the figures distributed by Newray now Dinosauria from K&M New Republic.

Sub museum is a category normally solid soft vinyl in the style, the size and coloring of museum lines, museum compatible or companions. Some are rather good if repainted but much of the product is very old style. Chinasaurs are no figures

AAA produced several series of solid hard rubber dinosaurs in large and medium sizes. They are comparable to UKRD. The Early Learning Center (ELC) in England was a customer. They are Submuseum Chinasaurs and still common and in production.

Ambelin made figures for Jurassic Park. Typically solid vinyl figures.

Disney World sells a large set of softplay and a small set of solid vinyl figure at its theme park in two sizes. Good quality production submuseum collectables limited production. There was a release with the Disney Dinosaur movie. Daikin produced solid vinyl JP figures.

DinoWaurs is a collectable figure card game from the EU.

Cog Ltd. makes a range of small figures and Science products. The Match Box Dinos and Prehistoric Panorama are very collectable but not well known.

El CigarralSpanish Company makes a set of solid colored figures with a post Timmee look.

FameMaster from China has some very attractive 3D rubber puzzles. Use a little glue and you have some unique figures. Newer figures hard to find and mini figures are rare.

FunRise toy a set 14 solid vinyl figures and 8 green die cast figures plus some large hollow vinyl figures. Still in bussiness but nothing new except distributes a few Chinasaur hollow vinyl.

Hing Fat from China makes solid vinyl dinosaur and cavemen. Classic Chinasaurs. Best know distributor is Fischel toys but also shows up in dollar store play sets. This is a common Classic Chinasaur.

Imperial Toys markets vinyl toys from a variety of makers in China. Most are pretty awful party favor style dinosaurs with open mouths. They are Commonly sold in Drug Stores and Walmart. The larger vinyl line is similar in construction to the Jasman sand box line but smaller and not as well done but there are a few figures that stand out. The Mastodon from this set is pretty good. Also they marketed rubbery recast Inpro figures done in bright colors. These are sandbox style chinasaurs.

Jasman markets large vinyl toys from a variety of makers in China. The Jasman Diorama series was a popular submuseum companion to the Museum lines with excellent Palm trees. They later had 3 articulated figures that mimic the JP Hasbro line. The company went bankrupt and molds are in a variety of different hands.

JARU, chinasaurus, makes inexpensive Marx MPC Inpro knock offs. There are some original figures that broaden the Marx style and are worth having. Inexpensive custom projects. These are the Classic Chinasaurs.

K&M has several medium to very small dinosaur and prehistoric animal lines. Several of their Wild Republic Lines are still in production; the bin style tubes have custom painted figures. K&M seems to be establishing a place in many Museum shops selling low priced sets. They purchased Dinosauria line as their museum line. The yearly release of new figures is a mix of custom submuseum and chinasaurs.

Laramie Toys made 3 dinosaur play sets with nice card board backdrops. The hollow painted vinyl figures look like Invicta figures. There are a few figures that are different the nodosaur, Styracosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Apatosaurus. I liked these sets, this is the way the hollow figures should be marketed. Chinasaurus.

Lontic distributor rubbery vinyl figures that are boxed or in tubes. Chinasaurus. The best of the low end products on the current market.

Match Box is best known for its toy cars but produced dinosaur series. The JP series of metal dinosaurs, vehicles and play sets are of high quality. They also produced a series of dinosaurs for their Monster In My Pockets plastic toy figures. These seem to have been primarily sold in Europe. Very Marx conpatible.

Mattel has some small dinosaur sets but a big tie with the Disney Dinosaur movie. Action figures and collectables.

Mojo has a dozen solid vinyl figures. This is the other half of the old Procon and uses many of the early designs.

Oriential Trading Company sells many chinasaurs but also distributed some sub museum figures the two misnamed figures were uncommon Styracosaurus/Chasmosaurus and Iguanodon/Psitacosaurus.  

Panosh Toys sold a series of 48 small figures made in a rubbery plastic material made in Macau. The quality of the figures declined over time. The originals are highlighted with white florescence paint. Later figures are not highlighted and come is very bright greens, yellows, pink and blue. Some of the figures are very well designed and make excellent custom projects. A personal favorite but not commonly collected. They are Marx style Chinasaurus.

Papo from the French company Le Toy has produced dinosaurs, cavemen and mammals. The figures are highly detailed with three point stances similar to Schleich and Bullyland. The figures are expensive and detailed but not very accurate. They have made steady in progress among independent stores. Submuseum movie collectables.

Play Mobile sells Dinosaur sets to go with its great range of ferns, trees, and rocks.

Salvat Editores from Portugal, our source Ashely Hoover estimated there are around 47 figures from a company based in Portugal that made knock offs of major Museum sets like Safari, Bullyland and Battat. Submuseum. 

Salas a well respected paleo artist made a small number of toy figures produced in Mexico produced by the well know artist Max Salas. Didn't last long or distribute widely. Best figures were the Centrosaurus and Utahraptor. Molds except for T rex still exist. Submuseum, rare but not well known.

Wild Safari, from Safari Ltd. Company: is the top of the line of sub Museum. Safari produces several other dinosaur series: Carnigie Mini originally called the Habitat and a variety of Toob sets. There is a large hollow vinyl set the Great Dinosaurs. The prehistoric mammals, dinosaurs of China by Ellie Kish and many one offs.

Schleich: of Germany. High quality production and strong marketing.  They seem to be especially popular with independent toy stores.  They released a series of mini dinosaurs "Schleich Jr" and a line of Prehistoric Mammals. There also several less well known sets. In 2007 changed ownership. In 2012 they released a new line.

Toysmith distributes UKRD, Famemaster, old Resaurus and other sets from China.

Toys and Things from Koowloon in Hong Kong nice range of solid colored post Marx figures. Collectable and rare but not well known.

TS Toys has 2 series on WWD style figures made in China. There is a vinyl set and a smaller sized set with latex skin and filled to give a realistic flesh appearance. TS Toys in the US denies that there are any Dinosaur Toys in it inventory but the figures are stamped TS Toys.  Sandbox chinasaurs.
Waiphoon Toys of China produces several very attractive dinosaur toy lines; some have a Kaiyodo look, while another set appears to be based on the ROM figures. There is also a set of large figures done in a Jurassic Park style. Most recently a set of large and tube figures with a Daikin look. Submuseum Sandbox.

UKRD is the classic rubber Dinosaur company. I have not found any information about the Company itself, but the figures are marked made in China and stamped as U.K.R.D. (United Kingdom Rubber Dinosaurs?). ToySmith had released new painted versions for 2004. Submuseum Chinasaurs.