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Dino Dan Parasaurlophus solid and articulate

In 2011 the Nickelodeon series, Dino Dan, was released for distribution by Wild Creations originally before GeoWorld took over.  The protagonist Dan interacts with dinosaurs in the modern world.  The show may not be that interesting but the CGI dinosaurs are pretty good. There is a large colorful set and a smaller realistic set.

Dino Dan soild

In 2012 GeoWorld has replaced the Wild creations for the Nickelodeon Dinosaur Dan franchise. GeoWorld is best known as the Italian fossil company owned by the paleontologist Dr. Stefano Piccini. ToysRUs is carrying the solid Dino Dan figures. There are also large and medium articulated figures. A repainted and extended version will be offered as Jurassic Hunters and Jurassic Action. There are currently 72 figures for Jurassic Hunters with 28 projected for the fall of 2012. The content and design is similar to the Dino Kings. The Megaraptor is in the style of the Sega reconstruction.

Dino Dan and Dinosaur Kings

GeoWorld Dino Dan figures with smaller Sega Playmates Dinosaur Kings for comparison.


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