PANOSH Dinosaurs 070705

Panosh Toys ( probably PANOSH Toys of New Jersey) sold a series of 48 small figures made in a rubbery plastic material made in Macau.  The quality of the figures declined over time.  The originals are high lighted with white florescence paint.  Later figures are not high lighted and come is very bright greens, yellows, pink and blue.   Some of the figures are very well designed and make excellent custom projects.  A personal favorite.

Most of the above are the original with glow in the dark high lites.  The exceptions being the yellow Homocephale #21 and the Light Green Pteranodon in the egg to back right.

Later electric colored series courtesy of Rick Fulton.  As you can see many of these figure are mismolded and need to have flash trimmed compared to the original release.  Furthest left is an orange sauropod #11 with a Flintstones style rider.  Just above it is a pink Sphenocdon.  The yellow looks like Saurolophus and the Green Ouranosaurus. I make out Protoceratops, Euplocephalus, Oviraptor, Diatryma, Camarasaurus in the right corner. Also a Struthiomimus, Eryops, along with various other theropods and sauropods.  

While no names are associated with the figures each is stamped with a number 1 - 48 and PANOSH.  Many were sold in boxed sets of 24 or 48 with line drawings of each figure identified by its number.  Later they were sold in eggs with a black oily substance as tar pit dinosaurs.


#        TYPE 

1      small ornithiscian (Dryosaurus, Hysilophodon, Fabrosaurus, Pisanosaurus)

2       Leptoceratops small relative of Protoceratops

3       tryannosaurid

4             Triceratops

5             Pteranodon in egg 

6             rauschid (Terrestisuchus or Postosuchus)

7     Labyrinthidont most likely (Eryops possibly Mastodontosaurus)

8          Saurolophus crested duckbill

9          Dinosaur on its back

10    Ankylosaurus Marx style armored dinosaur

 11   sauropod + rider

12          allosaurid toothy

13          Stegosaurus

14           Scutellosaurus small armored dinosaur biting its tail

15     Plesiosaurus

16     Dimetrodon fin backed reptile

17     Rhamphorhynchus tailed flying reptile

18          Ornithamimid (Struthiomimus, Ornithomimus, Galliomimus)

19          Camptosaurus plant eater

20     Camarasaurus or an old style Brontosaurus looking figure.

 21     Homocephale flat headed bonehead

22     Euplocephalus armored dinosaur

23          dicynodont (one of the toothless dicynodont like Endothiodon)

24          Parasaurolophus

25          Archelon giant prehistoric sea turtle

26     Saltasaurus sleeping sauropod with back armor

27      Ichthyosaurus

28            Parasaurolophus

29      allosaurid, meglasaurid  running

 30     diplodcoid  tripod pose ( could be a prosauropod)

31      Chasmosaurus horned dinosaur with high broad frill

32      Styracosaurus ceratopsid with nose horn and spikes on frill

33            Armored dinosaur without tail club or spikes on torso ( sclediosaurus, nodosaurus)

34            Feathered theropod  (Avimimus, Archeopteryx, Segnosaur) 

35            Monoclonius single horned ceratopsian with no frill horns

36          Ouranosaurus fin backed plant eater

37          Sphenacodon or an archeosaur

  Custom build up done in plaster.

38       sauropod

39       Protoceratops

40            Iguanodon or crestless duckbill

41           Large predatory Bird  (diatryma, phorasuchus)

42           Coledonta the Wooly Rhino

43            Ophiacodon primitive amphibian

44            Oviraptor bird like crested theropod

45             tryannasauroid eating

46       hatchling in egg

47          tyrannosaurid

48         Amargasaurus sauropod with spikes along back of the neck

These are custom build ups of PANOSH figures done in plaster then painted.  It is also possible to paint the original figures to bring the detailing but the rubbery medium doesn't retain paint real well.


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