Their Dino Horizon includes a plethora of dinosaur skeletons, cards and activity sets.  They also are producing several different lines of figures.  They seem inspired to emulate the Kaiyodo and Yowie series that have been so successful outside the US.  The Matchbox series has 4 sets of 8 dinosaurs; approximately an inch long, made of solid colored plastic with the name of each animal on its base. The Panorama looks to be in the UHA style with 6 different themes, each having 6 figures.  There is the Earliest Life, Early Reptiles, Flying Reptiles, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs and Mammals. The Earliest Life is based on the Burgess Shale fossils and includes a Pirapid worm and Ashyia.  The Early reptiles are animals from the Permian and Triassic. The Flying Reptiles are a selection of Pterosaurs.  The Sea Creatures are reptiles, fish, a shark and ammonite.   The Dinosaurs and Mammals didn't seem as accurate as the UHA figures and are slightly smaller.  There are also 2 different mini diorama sets.  One set is battery operated and moves. Testing issues kept most of the figures out of the market for awhile. In 2013 the Panorama and Match Box are now repackaged for the US market.. 050413

Cog Match Box

Cog Panorama