AAA Dinosaurs

AAA dinosaurAAA does release new figures this an unconfirmed figure that has not been seen in the North America or Europe. This figure looks like a paint your own.

The AAA company is still producing new Dinosaur figures and distributors must deal directly with the factory. A major EU supplier is Aimargin Co., Ltd. Figures are normally stamped with CE (China Enterprises) and the AAA logo. The latest are much improved designed.  ELC in England seems to be a major retailer for the figures.  Traditionally AAA is sold by a variety of distributors and importers like ELC or Battat.  The style like many figures from China is old fashioned when compared to Bullyland, Safari ltd or Schleich figures but they are often well done.  Most figures have a AAA stamp on them. I have found some the baby egg set without the stamp and with a different paint schema.  These could be knock offs and are made of a solid pvc. .

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AAA Tyrannosaurs with Battat colors

Paint variants are common and a Battat style paint for the T rex and Dilophosaurus are known. These products are very similar to UKRD figures aimed as low budget version of the museum lines. AAA stamps have been reported on so low end hollow vinyls figures.

AAA dinosaurs medium and small

While most of the figures fall into the medium range there was also a set of larger solid rubber figures and some smaller AAA style figures.  The smaller figures do not have AAA stamp so could be another manufactorer.

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