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Lontic Dinosaur Evolution

Lontic Evolution of the Dinosaurs play sets. Click on image for larger list.

Lontic, the Hong Kong-based distributor, has assembled Chinasaur play sets from different manufacturers. One group appears to be a mixture of repainted Hasbro and Chap Mei action figures. The Evolution of Dinosaurs Play Sets are more interesting. They contain eighteen vinyl figures with accessories in Jasman Diorama style packaging. There are some different figures: Barosaurus and Aelosaurus are not very good but they are unique. They resemble the Disney World Dinosaur collectable figures. I can always use the cycads and waterfall for something. I think Lontic might be on to a marketing option by reviving the play set with accessories.

Sean Bell sent me an interesting set from Canada that is also showing up in Europe. The packaging is labeled “The Bargain! Shop Holding Inc”, and the manufacturing style has a Hing Fat look.  There are twelve garish: figures Postosuchus, Hypsilophodon, Acrocanthosaurus, Stegosaurus, Amargasosaurus, Dimetrodon, Brachiosaurus, Euplocephaleus, Velociraptor, Baryonyx, Microcertops and Dicerceratops. There is no Tyrannosaurus or Triceratops.  The Postosuchus and Hypsilophodon are the most interestingI have seen them repainted to be used by Saurian Safari gamers, and they are good choices for custom work.

Lontic Dinosaurs

The are also small figures sold in blister packs. In the US different distubutors carry different selections of Lontic figures with a range of packaging. Coloring differs with the packaging.

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