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The Dinosaur Toy Forum is a good source for European collectables. Dinowaurs is the latest collectable card and figure set from Europe. Series one is a release of 36 figures about the size off Safari Toob figures. Each figure is purchased for about 3 – 5 US dollars. The figure comes with a collectable card that is used for a game. There is a web enabled version to play on the internet. This is very much the business model used by the Dino King and Predators collectable fads. Like the Kaiyodo UHA figures you buy a package, like a small corn chips bag, without knowing the figure inside. The frustration of getting duplicates has buyers publicly groping packages prior to purchase looking for rare figures. I still have not obtained a Titianosaurus and the Cracker Jack; surprise in a box, marketing only irritates me. The figures are detailed rather than accurate but the series contains several figures not produced by other toy companies. Figures have no names stamped on them; you are left to matching them against their portraits. They have the Battat disease, irregular and deformed limbs due to a rubbery medium and early mold release. The animals are gray, silver, brown or green with highlights painted on teeth, mouth or eyes. The lack of full painting hides the details in the better figures.  I like the idea, if not the execution.

The Permian dinocephalian Keratocepahlus is collectable. It is a long snouted relative of the classic Moschops. The Talarurus, Aucasaurus and Monolophosaurus are all only available from Dinowaurs. The card game involves comparing cards between figures which are rated in three categories. Winning 2 or more categories means one figure defeats another. The execution of the figures is uneven with some like the Plateosaurus and Saurolophus being finely detailed, like resin figures, while the feathered Gigantoraptor is a caricature.

Saurolophus, Talarurus, Plateosaurus ,  Keratocepahlus, Aucasaurus, Monolophosaurus and Mosasaurus

Anecdotal comments indicate the concept is not taking off in the UK and there are posts saying there are discontinued. Dino King and Predators have already been there. The figures seem over priced compared to the same sized and better prepared Safari Toob figures.

Polish blister pack

Only availble in blister packs from Poland.

Tarbosaurus bataar

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