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Schleich Replica Saurus  1/40 scale 

update 01012012

The Replica Saurus series was created in close cooperation with the Natural History Museum of the Humboldt-University Berlin.  The Natural History Museum in Berlin has a long history with dinosaurs. The curator of the Museum Werner Janensch, (between 1907 and 1912), found a number of dinosaur remains (including Brachiosaurus, Kentrosaurus and Barosaurus) at Tendagaru in German East Africa.   When the original set is compared to the composition of sets American companies are producing, there is a distinct European or German flavor to the choices for the series.  That is not saying North America is not well represented but you found figures like Saichania, Edmontosaurus and Albertosaurus that were not currently in other museum lines.  While the Schleich adherence to a strict 1/40 scale is often flexible, it adds to value of the figures for collectors.  Dinosaurs are thought to have continued to grow through out life as is the case with the relatives the crocodiles and alligators.  In a natural population a range of sizes would be expected. Originally Schleich looked like they would offer a full and expanding range figures like Safari Ltd. The new management seems to revising the series concept. It looks like the set is stabilizing at 12 figures. With 3 new figiures added each year with 3 retirements the line should turn over every 4 years. This would mitigate the issue of market saturation. The newer figures seem to be be much more in the popular standard, concentrating on animals familiar with the general public. They are also much more detailed and indications that new artists are being used. Perhaps reflecting the competition with Papo and Schleich's partnering with national chains like Target. The collector and museum market are not driving toy choices. For 2009 we again see 3 existing figures duplicated. This replaces the last of the original figures. Originally the Safari line had the most influence on new releases then Papo with 2010 they go again for a Safari. No new figures in 2011 and in 2012 a new line was released with 12 figures in the style but smaller, repainted and with articulated jaws.


This page is retired go to the updated Schliech page

Schleich is adding movable parts to it figures for 2012. I am assuming they are Replica Saurus figures.






Albertosaurus   2003 retired. The first museum quality toy. One of the better theropods from Schleich. Featured in the Judith River Diorama

Allosaurus retired. The best part of early Schleich was the original design especially for theropods. Check out the Jurassic Sauropod Diorama.

Allosaurus 2008 the skull has very detailed skin and ornamentation. Has a WWD look.

Apatosaurus retired. This was one of the best of the original release. It is featured on the Morrison Diorama page



Apatosaurus baby  retired. This seems to be influenced by the Safari pair. Similar but not the same as the junior version. See the Jurassic Sauropod Diorama.  Apatosaurus 2009. Very compatible with earlier figures.



Baryonyx retired   

As seen in the Iguanodons page.


Brachiosaurus retired. This is a unique design. It eschews the popular s neck and rounds the nostrils. These figures featured on the Morrison Diorama page.

Brachiosaurus 2008 A standard looking figure with greater detail.

Carnotaurus  retired. I suspect this was influenced by the Disney Dinosaur movie. As seen in the South America. diorama


Ceratosaurus retired. Seemed too large for a 1/40 scale. Not a popular choice for museum lines odd but original pose. Check out the Jurassic Sauropod Diorama.


Corythosaurus retired. Part of the original release and old fashioned much like the Ertl model. Big model 1/35 scale.This figure featured in the Campanian diorama

Deinosuchus 2005 retired. A big gator? I never understood the choice except that Safari has one.

Desmatosuchus 2004 retired. Excellent figure one of the best by Schleich. In production maybe a year. Perhaps too obscure for the general public?

These figures featured in the Late Triassic diorama page.

Edmononia 2004 retired. An excellent figure better than the Battat. These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.

Edmontosaurus retired. Very large looked like 1/35 scale? The most common dinosaur of its time. An old fashion figure that was a regular in toys sets. It recalls the Marx Trachodon and Hadrosaurus. These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.


Elasmosaurus  2004 retired




Giganotosaurus  2010 much better model than the Tyrannosaurusreconstructions.



Iguanodon retired A little small but well done. As seen in the Early Cretaceous diorama and Iguanodons page.

Kronosaurus 2005 retired. Best pliosaur figure. Check the Cretaceous Sea Diorama for more.


Parasaurlophus retired, often called the bellowing. Like many of the original release this figure was an original posture. This figure featured in the Campanian diorama

Parasaurlophus         2007



Ouranosaurus 2004 retired. Uncommon figure choice, equal to the Battat figure.

Check the Late Creataceous africa Diorama

Plateosaurus  retired. One of the best prosauropod figure for a museum set. Check the Late Triassic Diorama for more.

Pteranodon sternbergi retired. Nice figure. Nothing distinct.

Quetzalcoatlus retired

Quetzalcoatlus 2009




Saichania 2009

Saichania retired. This is from the original release. Innovative Asian figure. See it featured in the Dinosaurs of China diorama page.

Saltasaurus 2006. Very much in the style of Alpha from Dinosaur Planet. Well done top notch figure. Check the South America Diorama for more.

Sauropelta retired. Not very accurate looks more like Pawpawsaurus. It should have shoulder spikes. As seen in the Early Cretaceous diorama .

Spinosaurus retired. The head wasn't that good. Was one of the first museum versions of the figure. Featured in the North African Dinosaurs diorama

Spinosaurus 2008

Very Jurasic Park see papo figure.


Stegosaurus retired. Still a very good figure. Perhaps just need something new to sell. These figures featured on the Morrison Diorama page

Stegosaurus        2007  

Shonisaurus retired 2005. Fantastic figure. Part of what looked like a broad sea animal line. Check the Triassic Sea Diorama for more.

Styracosaurus retired

Featured in the Judith River Diorama

Torosaurus retired. One the original release. I would have thought WWD had made this dinosaur well enough known to survive. These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.


Triceratops retired. These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.

Triceratops 2006. A little large for 1/40 closer to 1/35? Much improved over the original. These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.

Tyrannosaurus retired. Too big and with dated Kangaroo posture These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.

Tyrannosaurus 2005 The tail seems to have a strange proportion. Called Hunting T rex. These figures featured in the Hell Creek diorama page.


Tyrannosaurus 2007. Looks a lot like the Papo figure. Seems like a step backwards. There may be a feeling the older tail dragger style sells better to kids?



Schleich has high quality control for their production and a very successful marketing program. It appears to be strongly driven by sales with figures that don't meet the quota being retired, sometimes very quickly. It is ironic that many of the best of the Schleich designs were retired very quickly.



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