Sub Museum and Chinasaur figures


Many of these companies release educational or special runs for Expos or magazines. A popular marketing method is to sell the small figures as premiumns with candy and drinks. Others are primarily model companies. For some reason never seem to sell outide Japan excpet in limited numbers.

Bandai in Japan has four series of diorama figures in rubbery vinyl. They come is pieces like UHA but with the size and feel of FameMaster. They are Good quality submuseum for collectable market.

Furuta Japanese premiums Designed by Araki Kazunari. High quality production collectables.

Kaybaya Japanese premiums UHA style but not the same quality.

Kaiyodo: of Japan is primarily a model company specializing in high quality resin and vinyl models.  It has recently produced several popular series of small prehistoric  premiums for candy, companies, Coca Cola and bottled water producers the figures mostly designed by Araki Kazunari who does museum work.  The most famous dinosaur sculptor in Japan.  The UHA Choco Egg Dino Tales, Furuta and Kabaya Dino World series are especially prominent.   Dr. Bob Bakker of the Tate Museum consulted on the Kabaya series.  The voted the best new figures 3 years running by Prehistoric times  UHA Kaiyodo figures are now being marketed in the US by Promotopia with English language packaging.

Kinto the Favorite Collection from of Japan released a series of soft dinosaurs based on their high quality resin figures. Not releasing new Favorite outside of Japan.

Happinet: Japanese company hollow vinyl much like large Sega Dino Kings figures. Collectable uncommon in US.

Retro Classic Japanese premiums and some larger models. UHA style figures. submuseum.

Sega Japanese company has small UHA style figures, Diorama and some larger models by Playmates played with Dinosaur King CCG sold in Europe. Brightly colored but well made figures representing popular art. These are for the preschool market but some high quality collectables.

Tamiya models. Mostly 15 scale figures. The diorama models are high quality.

Tomy Japanese dinosaur set and encyclopedia capsuls and Dinosaur Train.

. Tsukuda of Japan made a series large vinyl dinosaur models with glass eyes. Hard to find and collectable submuseum.Yujin from Japan makes some premium figures like Yowie or Kaiyodo. Had tie with Japapnese documentary.