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There are a plethora of Japanese premiuns many are made by Kaiyodo. The candy, pastry or drink product seems to be marginal.


 DINOMODELS from Furuta

Designed by Araki Kazunari, a famous dinosaur figure sculpter in Japan. premiuns for "ramune" a japaese confectionary.

Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. Larger than UHA done is plastic.

Brachiosaurus Apatosaurus Pachycephalosaurus Triceratops Parasaurolophus Spinosaurus StegosaurusTyrannosaurus

For more information see Furuta Check list.


Kabaya in Japan is a maker of pastries and candy.  The have released at least 2 separate sets of dinosaurs.  The Perfect DinoWorld Collection came out shortly after the first UHA release.  They produced this set of figures not as premiums like the UHA Dino Tales. How they are connected to their eatable products isn’t clear.  There were 18 figures, the names are my best guesses: Ankylosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Gallimimus, Iguanodon, Lambeosaurus  Maiasaura, Ichthyosaurus,  Oviraptor,  Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus,  Plesiosaurus, Protoceratops, Quetzalcoatlus,  Stegosaurus,  Triceratops,  Tyrannosaurus and Utahraptor.  They were never collected with the same passion as the UHA figures.  They were made of a hard plastic rather than resin being slightly larger than the UHA Dinotales figures.  They have the name Araki on the bottom and Dr Bob Bakker was consulted in the production.  Kabaya had nice web site full information sadly the extensive use of Japanese characters made it largely indecipherable for a gaijin like me.

DINOWORLD  by Kabaya


  Gallimimus   Seen in the Judith River Diorama


Seethe Jurassic Sea diorama

Secrete figure :

         See Kabaya Dinoworld Checklist for additional information.

Special thanks to Douglas Burbury for help identifying the figures.

Set 2 from Kabaya.  There are six figures about twice the size of the first set made of a vinyl.  The figures are marketed in five boxes covered with what could be fascinating dino facts if I could read Japanese.  There are six figures about twice the size of the first set made of a vinyl.  The figures are marketed in five boxes covered with what could be fascinating dino facts if I could read Japanese.  There are two Tyrannosaurus figures, a Spinosaurus, a Triceratops and a Deinonychus.  You are intended to buy each figure individually and assemble the vinyl parts.  There is an extra piece in each box that when you buy the entire set allows you to put together a nice Seismosaurus.    The figures all have the look of Walking with Dinosaurs or Jurassic Park animals.  The figures again are Araki creations.


Dinosaur Museum Collection made by Bandai Company Japan and distributed by Gakken. These dioramas are made for educational purposes in Japanese Schools (gakken). There are 5 dioramas in the series.  These figures are made of a rubbery plastic rather than resin.

Ceratosaurus and Stegosaurus

Elasmosaurus and Pteranodon

Plesiosaurus and Pliosaurus

Triceratops and calf

Tyrannosaurus and Parasaurolophus

Bandai released a second set of figures. Supersaurus, Velociraptor, Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus.  Some of these look like repaints from the first release sans diorama bases. They were released in several colors.

Bandai release a third set of dinosaurs in Japan, the Eating series dioramas.  Raptors scavenging, T rex eating hadrosaur, Icthyosaur eating a squid, Allosaurus eating a Camptosaur and Pterosaur catching a squid.  They come in pieces made of rubbery vinyl like the FameMaster puzzles, but with not so many pieces. These are more like toys than UHA figures.  Use glue, the parts don’t fit tightly and I am still looking for the tail end of my Supersaurus from the second set.

The most recent series from Bandai. These figures are very different from the earlier series and small than UHA figures.




Based on 1950's Knight and Zallinger paleoart (that is the retro part) originally premiums for bottled water and mounted on plastic bottle caps. There were 2 series each released in 2 different color schemes. 

Series 1














Secrete figure: Waterhouse Hawkins Crystal Palace Iguanodon


Series 2  some of these figures are very modern looking.  Some of Charles Knight paintings reflect a very modern appearance.  When he ignored the paleontologists of his time his worked aged much better.




Elasmosaurus    As in the Cretaceous Sea Diorama

Hypsilophodon     Displayed in the North American Campanian Age diorama









Jurassic Park III by Coca Cola

   1. Spinosaurus
   2. Tyrannosaurus
   3. Velociraptor male         
   4. Velociraptor female
   5. Pteranodon
   6. Giant Pteranodon
   7. Triceratops
   8. Pachycephalosaurus
   9. Brachiosaurus
   10. Parasaurolophus
   11. Compsognathus
   12. Stegosaurus
   13. secret figure : 
Spinosaurus Skull


This a set of four articulated figures. The bach can be made to stand on its hind legs like a the JP movie. Brachiosaurus,Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Deinonychus.





Mini figures

Sega Dino Kings 12 figures.


Ouranosaurus Triceratops Shangtungosaurus
Ankyleosaurus Spinosaurus Stegosaurus

Sega Diorama

Large Sega

King Kong

King Kong Kaiyodo


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