Kaiyodo of Japan is well known for high quality models of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals the release of the UHA premium series has made the company much more accessible for the collector.  Araki Kazunari  is the best known paleoartist associated with Kaiyodo and seems to have been responsible for most if not all the figures from these releases.  These are expensive running from $40 to several hundred per figure.  They are not toy figures and are not normally included in my the toy collectable category but I do have a few in the dioramas.  They are very good.  Many of  these models can come assembled and painted for a few extra dollars.  


Kaiyodo Resin

These are the among the first Kaiyodo models sold in the US and were not that highly regarded because of their low quality control.  They were cast in solid resin. 


Kaiydo Dino Land 1/100 scale

These were high quality resin figures sold in their own display boxes.   There were 2 special figures based on the display at the American Natural History Museum in New York.  These figure are similar in style to the UHA but larger.