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For the latest hottest breaking info on what is happening with in the dynamic world of dinosaur toys.? If you are ready for the detailed analysis of who makes what and where you can get it, read the Dino Collector column in Prehistoric Times magazine? Purchase your copy of Prehistoric Times at the news stand or subscribe now? Above the Site A icon will take you our vast selection of Dioramas featuring Safari, Schleich, Kaiyodo, Bullyland and many others when you click on them. The Dinosaur Toy Forun has a thread 2014 figures that releases this information early. I usually do not publish to the web until after PT releases the information. I will update this again after the toy Fair in February.  update 122912


Battat Terra new for 2014

 Ravensburger Tiptoi figures released Sept 2014

Jurassic Park 3D 

BBC Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Vivid Imaginations


Walking with Dinosaurs 3 D promotional from Golden Links

Walking with Dinosaurs Toppers


Safari Ltd.

Carnegie Safari 2014



Wild Safari
Monolophosaurus Megladon
Pachyrhinosaurus Suchiomimus


Safari Ltd
Primative Man ToobPrimative Man blister

Crypto toob

safri ltd crypto toob

CollectA Deluxe

Carchardontosaurus Therizinosaurus
Carchardontosaurus Therizinosaurus


Popular CollectA

GastoniaGastonia quetzalcoatlusQuetzacoatlus Saurophaganax,  
Ichthyovenator Stegosaurus corpse XenoceratopsXenoceratops  
ArsinotheriumArsinotherium Tyrannosaurus juveinalTyrannosaurus juvie Bistahieversor Mosasaurus

Schleich 2014

Tyrannosaurus Velociraptor


Papo 2014

papo Archeopteryx Papo Triceratops Papo Dilophosaurus
Archeopteryx Triceratops Dilophosaurus

Mini Papo

Mini Papo


Mojo Mammals shipping 2014

Brontotherium Deinotherium Entelodont Hyaenodon



Last years mammals should be shipping with new mammals, marine reptiles and Permian models.


Lambeosaurus Bullyland Bullyland Europasaurus Bullyland Protochirotherium
Lambeosaurus Europasaurus Protochirotherium




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