CollectA formally Procon is an UK company making a range of animals figures. These figures from the UK designed for collectors by Anthony Beeson a respected collector and contributor to Prehistoric Time and friend of Dinosaur Collector.  The scale is mixed like the Bullyland and Kinto figures.  Originally the names of the figures were not stamped on the figures and there are color variants. The set is much livelier that the Toyway figures and it looks like they are trying to give it an English cast. Also sold as Epixx in the EU.

CollectA 2011


Plateosaurus, Lilensternus


Proceratorsaurus, Ornthicheirus, Australovenator



Utahraptor, Torosaurus


Alamosaurus, Ampelosaurus, Attenborosaurus, Hatzegopteryx, Irritator and Lorinhanosaurus