Vivid Imaginations

Vivid Imaginations is licensed for the toys. Vivid released a range of toys to coincide with the movie release of Walking with Dinosaurs 3D on the 20th December 2013. Vivid Imaginations founded in 1992 is a company based in Guildford, Surrey, that manufactures, designs and distributes toys and holds distribution rights on a number of popular TV shows and movies later bought by Phoenix Equity Partners. The company has focused on movie and TV tie ins.

The release in the US was marketed differently.

update 110113

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Blind Bag figures

Alexornis, Troodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Pachyrhinosaurus (3 different), Albertosaurus, Parksosaurus, Hesperonychus, Edmontosaurus, Alphadon

Action figures marketed with cards in UK. In the US they are marketed in 6 figure packs. For some reason the Quetzalcoatlus is not included in the US release. See Golden Link for the other WWD 3D figures.

Albertosaurus "Gorgon"   Pachyrhinosaurus 3 pack
  Ultimate "Gorgon"  
Pachyrhinosaurus "Patchi" or "Scowler"   Troodon
Additionally Patchi vs Gorgon twin pack, 3D puzzles, stickers, books, five or six posters, and more items if it does what they hope it will at the box office.