Metal and Resin Games figuresSurvive O Saurus

Figures intended for Role Playing, board games and minatures game like Saurian Safari, Survive O Saurus, Tusk or Prehistoric Settlement. Interesting work is done by garage companies in the UK.

Honorable Lead Boiler Suit (HLBS) small English miniatures company with nice range dinosaur figures. Roughly 1/40 or Invicta scale. Saurian Safari and Mammalian Mayham rules are from here. Restarted making dinosaurs.

Grenadier had a small set of Dinosaurs fairly widely distributed and collected.  Old fashioned looking compared to the Ral Partha.

Ral Partha gone but not forgotten.  Had several Dinosaur and Prehistoric animals line, Partha Pewter, Beast Masters and others.  The molds have been passed through various successor companies.  Figures are every collectable and it included many rarely done figures.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF), of England has a range of small Triassic figures used with its prehistoric Game  System  Survive - O -Saurus inspired by the WWD Triassic chapter.  Very small figures, the size of monopoly counters.

Steve Barber Models produces the Prehistoric Settlements series with an extensive series of cave people for his Settlement game system.  There are also some Prehistoric animals and plants to go with the cave people.   His giant Club Moss are a favorite of mine.

Copplestone for cavemen and a few dinosaurs.

Irregular miniatures makes some nice Ice age figures for pplaying Tusk.

DeeZee minatures makes great Neanderthals, Elasmotherium and other uncommon figures.