Honorable Lead Boiler Suit (HLBS)

update 091612


I used it in my Dinosaurs and Diorama at the Smithsonian Summer camp and it was a big hit with the kids.  The simple rules make it a fast paced game great for the K – 3rd crowd but I suspect older players would find the play repetitive.  There is also a thriving garage industry in prehistoric figures for the miniature game market in the UK.   Saurian Safari from HLBS in the UK has remained a popular game and the internet community it spawned generates a steady demand for HLBS products.  The release from HLBS of their Compsognathus, Pyroraptor, Ornithomimus, Protoceratops, Ornithocheirus, Pachycephalosaurus,  Troodon and Dwarf dromaeosaur and Pteranodon are aimed at the gamers market.  While I don’t expect the company gets rich on the sales of their rules the fact you can’t play the game scenarios as written without buying at least some of their figures does pay off.  The original Compsognathus became highly sought after it went out of production.

HLBS CompsognathusHLBS OrnithimimusHLBS PachycephlasaurusHLBS ProtoceratopsHLBS PteranodonHLBS PyroraptorHLBS VelociraptorHLBS Troodon

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