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After being bought by FASA in 2000, Ral Partha disappeared entirely for a while when FASA closed it's doors. Iron Wind Metals now owns the rights to many of their miniature line, and is working to bring them back into production.  Ral Partha was a well established company, and they started making lead miniatures in 1976. Based in Cincinnati, OH, the firm started by carving mainly historical figures.   At this time I believe the Prehistorics and Beast Master molds still exist.  Figures are usually stamped with date and a the company name.  The best of their work sets the standard of comparison for current companies.  Partha Pewter is popular collectable with hard core metal dinosaur figure collectors. There is an entirely separate group of Ral Partha figure collectors.


Some of the last work to come out of Ral Partha but not their best.  The pictures look great and they aren't flat like the  earlier figures. While the earlier figures were cast as single pieces these had to be assembled arms and legs didn't seem fit very well.  I recall there was a Diatryma marketed with this group.

01-750 T-rex 8 pieces
01-751 Triceratops  5 pieces

01-752 Pteranodon 5 pieces            Sculptor: J. Wilhem

01-753 Raptors (3)                          Sculptor: B. Charrette

01-754 Parasaurolophus 4 pieces

01-755 Young Stegosaurus

Children of the Night

Production Dates: 1982-1985
Sculptor: Dennis Mize

I suspect many of these figures were released in other configurations.   The Diatryma and Phororhachus may have been recycled and sold separately.  There was a lead figure release, then later the Partha Pewter high quality release and then a later release in leadless pewter.   Naming was creative rather than scientific. The small carnosaurs were not carnosaurus but 2 pelycosaurus and a rauisuchid.   Monoclonius Agathaumas is an interesting combination, Monclonius is a ceratopsian with a large nose horn while Agathaumas is now considered a junior synonym for Triceratops.  The Triceratops in the original king Kong was Agathaumas.  Much of the lists below are based on the Ral Partha page by Thomas Pope at the Stuff of Legends site.  I have added items where I believe the lists were incomplete and the comments are all mine.  The links will take you to diorama pages that the use the figure.  Many of the figures are so well done and attractive have been reluctant to paint them.

13-004 Small Carnosaurs              (Dimetrodon, Sphenacodon, Postosuchus?)

13-005 Megalosaurus in the fore ground and in the back ground an Allosaurus.

13-006 Monoclonius agathaumas 

13-018  Allosaurus fragilis See above with Monoclonius

13-019 Brontotherium and Rider  

13-026 Diatryma and Phorhachus left

13-030 Ceratosaurus nasicornis
13-032 Therapsid Carnivores         (Lycaneops? and Cynoganthus?)
13-101 Atlantean War Mastodon
13-029 Gorgonopsian War Dog

I have not seen the Mastodon.   Dicreasaurus looks like it belongs to this group but I found no reference yet for it.  Mize figures often had a flat look that worked very well.   I also believe there are some additional saber toothed cats unaccounted for.


with a small therapod from a mixed lot.  It seems to have a attachment for a rider, limbs or wings?  If it isn't a dinosaur it could be.  I am not sure what series the Allosaurus fits into.  It has the look and feel of an early piece. 

Beast Masters

Sculptor: Dennis Mize

The format for this series was a a hero/caveman or heroine/cavebabe with animal. Most were prehistoric but there was a Liger, Wolf and a Dragon also.  Many of these mammals have only been reproduced in this series.  They only seem to be sold in England these days.  Many of the figure I have were purchased loose and often I am not sure which animal goes with which package.  Special thanks to Sean Bell for help identifying the mammals.  The links will take you to diorama pages that the use the figure.

01-700 Bandor with Megalictis   (giant wolverine )

Ral Partha Chasmaporthetes Ral Partha Cave Lion Ral Partha Machairoidus Ral Partha Smilodon Ral Partha Smilodon Chasmaporthetes, Cave Lion,  Machairoidus, Smilodon, older Smilodon
01-702 Hu-Gor with Chasmaporthetes (long legged running Hyena)
01-701 Leonidas with Cave Lion
01-703 Deelah with Sabretooth Tiger (Machairoidus)
01-714 Danae and Omilodon (Smilodon, I assume this was a Ral Partha typo)

01-704 Dorak with Hyaenodon 

01-706 Velana with Cave Hyena     (Adcrocuta? or Pachycrocuta?)
Ral Partha Giant Prehistoric Cheetah Acinonyx pardinensis

01-707 Talleah with Cheetah           (Giant Prehistoric Cheetah Acinonyx pardinensis)

01-708 Bydan with Osteoborus        ( Bone-crushing Dog )
01-709 Shona and Daphoenus         (Amphicyonid bear dog)

01-712 Velociraptors and Pack Mistress
01-713 Kala and Phorhusracos


Ral Partha Machairoidus Ral Partha SmilodonRal Partha Cave Lion

Machairoidus, old Smilodon and Cave Lion  these are the best guesses for these loose figures. The older Smilodon probably predates the Beast Master collection.

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