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Starlux of France produces 85 prehistoric animals and 13 prehistoric human figures, they are popular and widely sought after by collectors.  Undamaged figures are at a premium.  While the the dinosaurs in particular now appear dated when compared to contemporary museum companies the figures are all of original design.  The mammals and premesozoic figures have held up particularly well.  Note many of the figures below have been retired and are now hard to find.

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This the most recent or last sales list I have found. This doesn't cover all the revsions or figures that are retired. Move your mouse over the image for more information.

update 06/7/07


CoelphysisScolosaurus looks like a Burien figure. It is now consider to be a junior synonym for Eupolcephalus as a Starlux figure.



The mastodon looks like the Burien Anancus, the European mastodon.






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