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This the most recent or last sales list I have found. This doesn't cover all the revsions or figures that are retired. Move your mouse over the image for more information.

Diplodocus Mammoth Hunters with revised Mammoth Stegosaurus


Iguanodon AurochCave BearTyrannosaurus Triceratops Woolly Rhinoceros Dimetrodon


PaleotheriumMachairodusDiatryma Phororhaccos Uintatherium  Shangtungosaurus Plesiosaurus


Nothosaurus Megatherium ( Giant sloth) Moropus Moeritherium  Alticamelus Ichthyosaurus Deinotherium

For some reason there are two Nothosaurus see Starux page 2 for the other.


Baluchetherium Struthiomimus Eohippas(Hyracotherium) Megalaceros( Irish Elk) Synthetocerus Pteradactyle Rhamphorhynchus


Cynonathus Archeleon Tanystropheous Corythosaurus Monoclonius Brontotherium Pteranodon


Saltoposuchus Protoceratops Anatosaurus Spinosaurus Acanthopholis Megalosaurus Parasaurlophus



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