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Starlux of France is best know for its range of scale military figures produces an extensive line of prehistoric figures in a brittle hard plastic. The range of prehistoric animals reproduced presages the recent UHA collectables from Japan.  The Starlux legacy can be traced back to Elie Tarroux , who created a small toy factory in 1900. She created, molded, and decorated soldiers made from a mixture of adhesive and precipitated chalk. For 38 years Pierre Beffara worked with Tarroux. In 1945. Beffara created STARLUX. He gave up the chalk for plastics and developed an injection process for his figures.  STARLUX began operating in Périgueux in 1947. STARLUX was purchased  and revived by the popular French singer Francis Lalnane in 1997. The company now bears the name of NEWSTARLUX.  Many of the prehistoric figures have been retired and a few redesigned like the Woolly Mammoth. The company seems to enjoying a revival under its new management.   Thr current status of the company is ambigous.

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Starlux captures the look of the early reconstructions seen in Europe. There are many close resembleances to work of Zdenk Burien. Starlux also made a range of trees, modern animals and soldiers. The range of the Starlux figures remaines unmatched the closest modern equivalent would be UHA serries from kaiyodo. For Permian animals and early mammals they are often the only source. Collecting undamaged figures is a challenge as the resin material is brittle and often was damaged in shipping.

Original Wooly Mammoth

Original Woolly Mammoth

There was a limited set of mini figures produced for the Cafe Boca

Starlux Cafe Boca

from the collection of Joe DeMarco

Starlux listed this as Coledonta the Woolly Rhino but it looks like Burien's Dicerorhinus.

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