The Miller Company

The caveman family set with the cave is very rare and sought after by collectors.  There were two different caves produced this is the more common small opening cave. 
The cave with large opening is very rare and highly sought after. For collectors it is important to keep Millers figures in cool storage to prevent degradation of the medium.

Large figures

Brontosaurus Coelodonta antiquitatis
Caveman smilodon This is referred to as a mastodon in some references but a the Miller pamphlet Animals of the Prehistoric Ages lists a Woolly Mammoth.
The undamaged Saber toothed tiger a sought after figure.  The long tail was a common mistake from the time, still is for that matter.  I suspect corrective surgery applied by budding paleontologists accounts for many of the shortened tails. This could still pass for one of the other saber toothed cats like Eusmilus.
Cave woman rhamphorhynchus
megatherium The Miller pamphlet lists a Pterodactyl but it certainly appears to be a Rhamphorhynchus as some sources describe it.
The Apatosaurus, Dimetrodon and Rhamphorhynchus show that they may a least share a similar source with the Millers.   There is an echo of Miller in the Linde Triceratops and Timpo Sloth but again the creators may have just been using the same reference materials. The later Lido Nabisco Rhamphorhynchus figure can give you idea of how the Miller figure should be restored.