lido Nabisco Dinosaurs

PHOTO AND ART WORK BY....Fred R Hinojosa.






Mix of recast Lido Ajax figures from Tootsie Toy

tootsie toy
Made famous as premiums for cereal and Fritos chips the figures themselves were made by Lido - a well know maker of toy soldiers. Nabisco in the late 50's early 60's produced a line of dinosaurs and another of prehistoric mammals used as premiums.  The dinosaurs were small; about1 inch the size of Tim-Mee minis. Similar in size to Topps figures.The mammals were well done but less common.  Molds are still in use (see Tootsie Toy).  
lido apatosaurus Brontosaurus - Apatosaurus: I am pretty sure originally this was labeled Brontosaurus. A name now regarded as a junior synonym for Apatosaurus.
lido dimetrodon Dimetrodon: not a dinosaur.
kritosaurus Parasaurolophus - Kritosaurus: The original name used was certainly Parasaurolophus.
Palaeoscincus Palaeoscincus: doubtful species; it may be the same as the nodosaurs Edmontonia or Panoplosaurus. Nodosaurs differed from it relatives the ankylosaurs by not having a tail club and having prominent shoulder spikes. This a unique choice and the only nodosaur for the time.
plesiosaur lido Plesiosaurus: this a good reconstruction and one of the best for the period.
stegosaurus Stegosaurus
trachodon Trachodon: no longer a valid name it would now be called Edmontosaurus or Anatotitan.
tyrannosaurus lido Tyrannosaurus: at the time the information was limited so getting the number of fingers is not that unusual. It could pass as a an Allosaurus.
lido nabisco triceratops Triceratops
rhamphorynchus Rhamphorynchus: See Tim Mee and Ajax for similar figure.
Lido Nabisco Dinosaurs

Custom Nabisco Figures, PHOTO AND ART WORK BY....Fred R Hinojosa.


































pictures by Rich Fulton PaleoPlastic

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