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Invicta Dinosaurs and poster

The grandfather of the Museum lines, was a 1/45 scale series, with some exceptions, of  unpainted dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals done with British Natural History Museum.  The figures have Marx feel and the ROM series also captures the same feeling.  There was a Stenychosaurus that was withdrawn from production because of a copy right issue.  The series also included a Blue Whale. The series includes several English dinosaurs not normally found in other series.  While Baryonx has become common at the time it was a unique choice.  The figures look a little old fashion, very Burien now, but many paleontologists still prefer them and you can see them used in documentaries.  Later most of the series was sold in painted versions.  To my knowledge the Lambeosaurus, Dimetrodon and Stenychosaurus were never painted.  The painted set is a personal favorite but the paint is fragile and easily damage so I expect in a couple of decades mint figures will be at a premium.  The set is still popular as a base for custom build ups.  They paint well and with careful application of heat are pliable allowing manipulation of the postures.   See Ray Rimmels book on Dinosaur models for detailed instructions. The was also a plaster cast set of 4 figures based on Museum figures.  As of 2004 the British Natural History Museum has discontinued their relationship with Invicta to release a new series with the Toyway company that did the Walking With Dinosaurs toy series.  The museum also has some kind of endorsement with Dinosauria a company from England purchased by K&M and added to their New Republic line.  The style of the figures is consistent with Marx, MPC , ROM and Klein Welka figures. See Larmie for hollow vinyl copies..

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invicta Apatosaurus invicta Baryonyx    
Apatosaurus Baryonyx Brachiosaurus
invicta Apatosaurus invicta Baryonyx
Cetiosaurus Dimetrodon Diplodocus
Glyptodon Ichthyosaurus Iguanodon