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Toyway in England has marketed a variety of Dinosaur plays sets and Dinosaur series.  They are best known for the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs (WWD) figures that are being put out of production.  These were extremely faithful to the documentary even to the point of replicating the error of the Allosaurus eye horns.  They had limited distribution in the US.  In England they market the old Carnage figures and are thought to own the old Timpo molds. The also sold play sets of Marx figures mixes with MPC Palms.   Recently releasing a new series with the British Natural history Museum. 

British Natural Museum 2005

A replacement for aging series done by the Invicta company.  There is also another set sold by K&M the Dinosauria.  Currently only sold in the UK.



Toyway British Natural History Museum Ankylosaurus 2006
Ankylosaurus 2006
Toyway British Natural History Museum Baryonyx
Toyway British Natural History Museum Carnotaurus 2006
Carnotaurus 2006
Toyway British Natural History Museum Corythosaurus 2006
Corythosaurus 2006
Toyway British Natural History Museum Diplodocus Diplodocus
Toyway British Natural History Museum Iguanodon




Toyway British Natural History Museum Kentrosaurus



Toyway British Natural History Museum Megalosaurus



Toyway British Natural History Museum Stegosaurus



Toyway British Natural History Museum Triceratops



Toyway British Natural History Museum Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus


Special thanks Anthony Beeson for his help with the Toyway figures.

Walking with Dinosaurs 

Walking with Dinosaurs (WWD) this series documentaries ( WWD, Big Al, Chasing Dinosaurs, WDRA When Dinosaurs Roamed America, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, Dinosaur Planet generated one formal set of dinosaur figures by the Toyway company in England.  The figures are solid and the scale is mixed. These are now said to be out of production.   There is a rare Toyway Ornithocheirus that was only released as a magazine give away.  This and the North American Iguanodon were supposed to be later releases.  The Ornithocheirus was said to be too difficult because of the wing spread and the European Iguanodon was the least popular of the originals.  These figures were very detailed and faithful to the documentary but rather wooden looking.  There were two sets by TS toys that has an unofficial look.  The Dinosaur Farm carries the vinyl TS toys figures.  Follow the links for more information and Diorama pictures.


Walking with Dinosaurs Allosaurus
Walking with Dinosaurs Ankylosaurus


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Walking with Dinosaurs Iguanodon
Walking with Dinosaurs Leaellynasaura


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Walking with Dinosaurs Liopleurodon
Walking with Dinosaurs Ophthalmosaurus


See the Jurassic Sea


See the Jurassic Sea

Walking with Dinosaurs Polacanthus
Walking with Dinosaurs Postosuchus


See the Wealdon


See New Blood

Walking with Dinosaurs Torosaurus
Walking with Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus


See Hell Creek

Walking with Dinosaurs Utahraptor


The two figures were packaged together.

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Toyway Ornithocheirus

Toyway Ornithocheirus from the collection of Vlad Petnicki released as a Planet Three Publishingmagazine give away.


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