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CollectA Triceratops

CollectA, has 2 giant figures 1/15 scale Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus

The CollectA Deluxe series often gets lost in the release of figures each year. The Deluxe series is for customers looking for high quality detailing in a 1/40 scale figure. Dacentruus was the first stegosaur ever discovered, is the size of the American Stegosaurus, and is a close relative of Miragaia. It is known from fragments, including two skulls, found in England, France, Portugal, and Spain. It is synonymous with Omosaurus and commonly reconstructed as the smaller Lexovisaurus. Late Jurassic Europe has long been overshadowed by the finds from the more famous Morrison Formation in Western North America. The European finds contained fewer complete or articulated skeletons. CollectA has paid special attention to the EU market, providing the widest range of European content. While four out of the five major dinosaur companies are from Europe, the content is still heavily driven by dinosaurs from the US and Canada, albeit often with older, more conservative, European reconstructions.

These larger size figures listed as 1:40 scale seem larger.

Deluxe Beishanlong
Deluxe Acrocanthosaurus
Deluxe Agustina
Deluxe Amargasaurus
Deluxe Andrewsarchus
Deluxe Anklosaurus
Deluxe Anklosaurus
Deluxe Arsinotherium
Deluxe Baryonyx
Deluxe Brachiosaurus
Deluxe Carchardontosaurus
CollectA DeluxeDacentrosaurus
Deluxe Daeodon
Deluxe Deinocheirus

Deluxe Deinotherium
Deluxe Guidraco
Deluxe Hyaleosaurus
Deluxe Jobaria
CollectA Deluxe Kelenken
Deluxe Megacerops
Deluxe Moropus
Deluxe Neanderthal Man
Deluxe Neanderthal Woman
CollectA Deluxe Neovenator Deluxe Paraceratherium
Deluxe Paralatitian
Deluxe Parasaurolophus
Deluxe Pliosaurus
CollectA Deluxe Pteranodon Deluxe Rhomaleosaurus
Deluxe Scelidosaurus
Deluxe Smilodon
Deluxe Spinosaurus
Deluxe Spinosaurus
CollectA Deluxe Therizinosaurus
Deluxe Thalassomedon
CollectA Deluxe Therizinosaurus Delux Torosaurus  CollectA Deluxe Triceratops
CollectA Deluxe Tyrannosaurus Deluxe Tyrannosaurus

CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor CollectA Deluxe Mammoth CollectA Deluxe Mammoth


It is not clear if the Smilodon, baby Mammoth and Neanderthals are Delux. They are in the Delux section of the catalogue but are not labled Deluxe.