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Battat Mini dinosaur

 There were pantograph mini versions released of some of the figures; there was also a smaller release of the Tyrannosaurus, but it was only released in very small numbers making it the rarest Battat.
update 010316

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Battat Tyrannosaurus Battat Tyrannosaurus
Battat Tyrannosaurus Battat Tyrannosaurus
Three Point

The Tyrannosaurus and Dilophosaurus were each redone three times because the figures had problems standing, most likely because they were released from the molds early. It is possible to boil them in water and then adjust their posture so that they stand, but they tend to fall over as they cool.

There was a second release of the Ceratosaurus the original was tail as was the mini version but the later more common released used the tail for a three point stand.

 Battat BMOS and Terra Ceratosaurus

 The first wo are based on the original with the second pair have the tail down.

All the Battats are uncommon now but the tail down Ceratosaurus is rare.


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