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2014 Battat releases 6 figures by Dan LoRusso and for 2015 six more figures were scheduled. As of Dan's death in 2015 I have not seen the Gigantoraptor or the Gastonia. Instead recasts and repainted BMOS science figures were sold at Target.  I have heard the second set prototypes were completed and the status is unclear.
update 010316

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Battat Terra Pachyrhinosaurus Battat Terra Dacentrusaurus Battat Terra Gastonia
Pachyrhinosaurus Dacentrusaurus Gastonia
Battat Terra Gigantoraptor Battat Terra Nanshiungosaurus Battat Terra Crylophosaurus
Gigantoraptor Nanshiungosaurus Crylophosaurus

Gigantoraptor and Gastonia may not have gone into production.

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