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Diorama Links.

Modeling Water:

Hex mats you can use for:

Diorama examples: Jungle and Dinosaurs

How to use pinecones to create cycads and cycadiods:

Dinosaur Links.

The Prehistoric Times our favorite Dinosaur magazine

Dinosaur Collector the ultimate Diorama site.

If you like CYNODONTS and dinosaurs try out Trevor´s Essays  

Ethan's Dinosaurs  this site will be useful to parents and other caregivers of kids who love dinosaurs.

Collectible Item Checklists for additional information by Douglas Burbury for help identifying the figures from Japan (Kabaya, Furuta etc).

Sean Bell, our site paleontologist has great diorama shots from the University Of Saskatoon.

Thescelosaurus by Justin Tweet for news in Paleontology

Cretaceous Central for great photos of modern lines and sculpting small models.


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