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Late Jurassic Morrison WHY DINOSAURS?
Kids love dinosaurs! They find them irresistible and can often name more dinosaurs than most adults. Dinosaurs are a great way to generate interest for kids in science and learning in general.
Paleontology has historically been a popular science. You will find more discoveries about dinosaurs on the front page than physics, chemistry or biology. Dinosaurs give children and adults the chance to develop a love of Earth Sciences. In a society where science plays an increasingly important role, nurturing the paleontologist in every child and adult is a valuable gift to give. play sets teach about dinosaurs from different times and places. From the Triassic to the Cretaceous, almost 200 million years of changes in plants, animals and the earth itself can be enjoyed in our unique collection of displays. Our high quality graphics, in the style of animated documentaries such as BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs, reflect the changes throughout the Mesozoic. For Educators and collectors, presents a diorama format to display prehistoric collectable's in a realistic context set in their Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous homes.

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All our sets are designed to be used with the Dioramas and Dinosaurs lesson plans developed for the Smithsonian Summer Camp program. We have developed scenarios for different periods to be used with our Dinosaur Safari RPG where campers can hunt dinosaurs, Survive O saurus and simulate being a carnivorous dinosaur, Trias a guide your species through the break up of Pangaea and final Schlact battle of the dinosaurs.



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