Tendaguru East Africa

updated 101616

The theropods Allosaurus, Elaphrosaurus and Ceratosaurus are present. This the traditional view in popular publications. It was the center piece of the idea of a cosmopolitan sauropod fauna in the Late Jurassic. If accepted it would indicate land connections between North America, Europe and Africa still existed in the Late Jurassic.

Allosaurus is from the Hasbro Jurassic Park

Allosaurus species are regualry found in faunas dominated by sauropods.

Bullyland Allosaurus Standard

Allosaurus was indentified by a tibia, theropod remains are speculative based on scrappy and indeterminate remains.

Battat Ceratosaurs Ceratosaurus fossils remains are considered indeterminate but related to finds in Europe and North America.
Overall the fauna of the Tendaguru is rather similar to the that of the Morrison. The most striking similarity is the presence of the giant brachiosaur sauropods in both formations. It may have actually been more common here. The marine environment creating a wetter climate supporting the giant gymnoperms that the brachiosaurs ate.