Dinosaur Safari Jr


The Dinosaur Safari Jr rules are a variant of the Saurian Safari rules developed by Chris Peers and published by HLBS publishing 2002, this an instructional aid used for the Smithsonian Summer camp program.  Major changes include use of area movement, fixed weapon choices, and simplified firing and sighting rules.  Finally, dinosaurs and plant choices will be consistent with the period you want to introduce.  The games target audience is campers grades K – 4 but can be used for older students.  The instructor will act as a Game Master (GM) and will be responsible for preparing the character sheets and setting up the map. 


Dinosaur Safari was developed from a miniatures game Dinosaur Safari.  The original was developed for adults to create a realistic hunting experience.  Our variant is aimed at grades K – 8 with few rules and little book keeping.    The book keeping and rules are the responsibility of the Game Master an Adult or teenage Youth Teaching Assistant (YTA).  Campers should be able to play the game without previous experience after a 5 minute introduction.  One of the big differences is it uses area movement instead of measuring tapes for movement.  The range of action and the range of realistic reaction tables are not used.
The game   goals are:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Make friends
  3. Learn

Related activities:

Have the student piant their own figure for gaming.


Dinosaur Mural

Dinosaur Mural. Hang butcher paper along the wall and have campers add to a section each day based on the theme for day. Use stencils, stickers or cut out picture from magazines and catalogues.

The game should be easy, fast moving and engaging for the campers.  The game is structured so the camper can easily win if the work together.  We have developed scenarios which can also be used with original rules that teach campers about what animals and plants lived in the different periods and on the different continents.  The scenarios are designed to be used with museum quality scale models. Recomended for 1 - 4 hunters and 1 game Master.

The scenarios can be use with Dinosaur Safari Jr rules or with Saurian Safari.

Jurassic scenarios:

North America Morrison formation

Europe Lourhina formation

Early Cretaceous:

North America



Late Cretaceous:

North America Hell Creek formation

North America Alamo formation

South America patagonia

Asia China and Mongolia


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