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Macronia clade ,sauropods more closely related to Saltasaurus than to Diplodocus, includes Late Jurassic Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus.

UKRD Camarasaurus Apatosaurus

Camarasaurs had Hollow chambers in the backbone earning this family of herbivores their name "chambered lizards". They had a short, deep body, a relatively short, flexible neck with a long tail. Their front legs were somewhat shorter than the rear, but in some the back sloped down to the tail. Tthe forelimb length was intermediate between brachiosaurids and diplodocids. Big nostrils opened on top of the head, which in some camarasaurids was large and
deep with short blunt face. They had dozens of big, strong, 'flat-spoon' teeth rimming the jaws in a short skull with a flat muzzle. Like brachiosaurids, they had long, slender fingers.

CollectA Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurs have at various times been considered as related to both diplodocids and camarasaurids but are now thought to be the closest relatives of the titanosaurids. These "arm lizards" probably evolved from creatures like Cetiosaurus, but they had relatively longer neck and arms and higher shoulders, with arms longer than or equal to their rear legs. They had enlarged external nostrils, a relatively long muzzle and long, slender fingers. The skull was large with a vaulted nasal bone.The claw on the first finger was very much reduced in size. Built like immense giraffes, they could have browsed tall trees. They were all herbivores with large, flat, peg-like teeth.