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The Mammals

The mammals were well done but less common thab the dinosaur figures. The originals were silver or gold. Recasts came in several colors. The figures seem to be based on the Rise of the Mammals mural by Zallinger. The mural starts off with the Barylambda. This figure is often misidentified as a sloth or dire wolf. The Smilodon has a long tail and looks more like Eusmilus. The Mammoth is often misidentified as a Mastodon.
lido mammals
lido mammals
PHOTOS AND ART WORK BY....Fred R Hinojosa.
Alticamelus Alticamelus see Miocene Diorama Dinohyus Dinohyus see Miocene Diorama
barylamba Barylambda see Paleocene Diorama m Macruchenia
Baluchitherium Baluchitherium see the Oligocene Diorama. smilodon Smilodon
brontotherium Brontotherium see Eocene Diorama. Woolly Mammoth Woolly Mammoth