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The Hell Creek large carnivores are less diverse than Late Jurassic Morrison formation. There is only one large predator. Tyrannosaurus was one of the largest ever theropods.

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Battat TyranosaurusThere is some evidence that tyrannosaurs may have been social. The model suggested is an analogue of modern hawks where a mated pair and their sub adult offspring form a unit.The most complete skeleton of a T. rex yet found, nicknamed ‘Sue’ was found with a mix of younger fossils. The younger animals seemed to have more agile proportions. This may have allowed them to run down hadrosaurs and other more fleet footed animals. They may have acted like a lion pride chasing prey towards the larger adults.

Bandai Tyrannosaurus with lambosaurine carcass. The two chicks are from a JP figure set some of which were also included with the action figures. The adult JP Tyrannosaurus from a mini playset. JP TyrannosaurusBandai Tyrannosaurus with lambosaurine carcassJP Tyrannosaurus chicks

The level of parental care is debated. The size difference between hatchings and adults must have effected how they interacted.

Carnegie Safari Tyrannosaurus, Wild Safari Tyrannosaurus, baby tyranosaurs Wild Safari and Safari Dino Toob

Tyrannosaurs are from the same branch of the theropod line as birds and predatory birds are known for investing a lot of effort in raising their young.

Adolescent JP play set Tyrannosaurus, Adult JP from series of mini JP figures some used with Action figures. Center is a Bullyland Micro Tiere Tyrannosaurus. The foreground Triceratops is the Bandai baby figure. JP play set TyrannosaurusBullyland Micro Tiere TyrannosaurusTriceratops from Bandai

Crocodiles and their relatives the close living relatives of dinosaurs tend both eggs and hatchlings. They show complex behavioral hierarchies.

CollectA baby Tyrannosaurus

It is reasonable to expect at least that level of care and social behavior from most dinosaurs.

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