Smithsonian Diorama

Braided River

Base foam insulation  ½ to 2 inch thick. 
Small 1/8 insulation foam.
Elmer’s  white glue
Elmer’s clear blue Gel.
Paint indoor house paint or poster paint.  The indoor house paint lasts longer but is harder to clean up.  The poster is water soluble but will eventually decay after a few years.
Rail road flocking several colors and textures we use browns and greens.  Sand is also good for rivers and lakes.
Broad paint brushs.
Tooth picks.
Tools to shape foam. 

Step 1

First have campers rough up the surface of the foam with shapers, this allows glue and paint to stick.
Have campers use magic marker to draw lines to show rivers and crosshatch for hills.

Use scrappers to dig or the rivers or lakes.  This does not have to be deep. Then break smaller pieces for hills and attach with tooth picks. Use layers of thin foam to create a layered sedimentary formation.

Apply white glue over the entire diorama.  There should be no pink spots. Next before the glue dries paint the entire diorama with a dark green or brown color. In door house paint works or poster.

Poor sand along rivers and lakes for contrast.  Turn boards over to remove excess. Apply flocking; use several types, to the board and turn over to remove excess.  Capture mixed excess for reuse. Allow the boards to dry over night.

Have campers add Elmer’s glue gel for water. The gel condenses as it dries so add layers over several days as desired.  Each layer should dry over might. 

Add lichen or thicker flocking to tooth picks secure with Elmer’s glue.  This turns them into trees or bushes. Clip off the sharp tops later.

Add cake toppers and make cycads. Position the rivers and hills so that the diorama can be joined together for gaming.