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Mu;tiple made a series of Dinosaur Play sets in the 1960's.  The figures were often little more than slightly smaller imitations of the better known Marx figures but had a broader range of prehistoric mammals and a redesigned Brontosaurus. The MPC Brontosaurus bears a striking resemblance to the Diplodocus figure in the Jurassic Diorama at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC.  The MPC dinosaurs were produced in brighter colors ( reds, blues, silvers and greens) than the Marx figures and popular as premiums ( orange and purple ).  Quality control was also less impressive. It is ironic that MPC products are being  made again over 35 years later by the new Marx Toys under special arrangement.  Like the Marx figures, copies and recasts are still commonly being made.  The best known copies are the Winneco / Britannic figures with their bent tails and necks.  Not as popular with collectors as Marx, they are a less expensive alternative to Marx figures.  The rare green plastics figures are regarded as especially collectable.  The MPC figures are often mistaken for Marx figures but there are some easy differences to spot.  First the colors are different from the original Marx figures (not the recasts) which were gray, tan and olive green.  They are smaller and often the leg and arm positions are slightly changed.  The MPC Moshops is hollow underneath.  Details of the claws and digits are often indistinct for MPC figures.  The MPC Sloth has much thinner and flatter arms than the Marx version.   Similar style figures were made by ROM, Topps, JARU and Sinclair.

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MPC figures with mountain


MPC Allosaurus
MPC Ankylosaurus
MPC Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus)
Allosaurus       see the Zallinger diorama.
Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus)
Ceratogaulus MPC
MPC Cynognathus
MPC Diatryma
Ceratogaulus  (horned rodent )


See Early Triassic page


See Paleocene mammals

MPC Dimetrodon
MPC dire wolf
MPC Glyptodon


visit the Permian diorama

Dire Wolf (Canis dirus)

See MPC mammals

see South American Fauna Diorama

Glyptodon (Doedicurus)
MPC Kronosaurus
MPC Macrauchenia (Toxodont from South America)
MPC Megatherium ( Giant Ground Sloth)

Macrauchenia ( from South America)

see South American Fauna Diorama

Megatherium ( Giant Ground Sloth) 

See MPC mammals

see South American Fauna Diorama

MPC Moschops
MPC Parasaurolophus
MPC Plateosaurus
Moschops See the Late Permian Diorama.


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MPC Plateosaurus
MPC Smilodon ( Saber toothed tiger)
MPC Smilodon ( Saber toothed tiger)

Smilodon ( Saber toothed tiger)

See MPC mammals

see South American Fauna Diorama

MPC Struthiomimus
MPC Styracosaurus
MPC Styracosaurus


visit the 1950's figures diorama

MPC Triceratops
MPC Tyrannosaurus
MPC Woolly Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth


3 Cavemen.  Picture from Rick Fulton and PaleoPlastic

Rock Formations and Palm tree, note the MPC palms are different from the Marx.  The 2 Marx trees have flat leaves.


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PaleoPlastic for Marx MPC collectibles Rick Fulton provided a detailed break down of the mold group references for the items being sold.

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