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The Sinclair Oil Corporation still uses the Apatosaurus logo.  Founded by Harry F. Sinclair in 1916, Sinclair grew to become a major Oil Company and they took there logo seriously.  When Sinclair Oil Refining Company heard in the early 60’s that there was going to be a World’s Fair in New York, they wanted to have an exhibit. Sinclair has always had great public relations with its many customers and wanted an entertaining as well as educational exhibit to further promote those relations. Sinclair had previously had a life-size dinosaur display, and wanted a new up-to-date version of this style of attraction. They recruited Louis Paul Jonas Studios to create their dream. Life-size dinosaur statues were also a dream of Jonas and his close friend, artist Charles Knight. Having worked on similar projects at New York’s museum of Natural History as well as other institutions. Jonas was one of the best in the business.  The World Fair Display included machines that allowed you to make your own dinosaurs out of a waxy composite like that used by Miller. At least a couple of the machines still exist in various museums across the country.   The dinosaurs are considered collectable.  There was also another set of toy figures given away at the fair.  Recasts later showed up play sets.  The Spaulding Dinosaur Company (SDC) were a mixed group of MARX figures in blister packs as  gifts for gasoline purchases. Sinclair premiuns

Tim Mee figures were also used as premiums.


Worlds Fair Figures: These figure were redone by the Red Mill company in wood a few years ago.  The waxy material is fragile.  I am told you put your quarter in and you made a dinosaur.  Each dinosaur was made in a different machine.  At least a couple of the machines are still in functioning.


Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus)








 Left 6 Sinclair figures up front with a mix of Marx, MPC and Timmee. The Sinclair figures are larger the Trachodon has a crest along the back.  The Ankylosaurus looks more like the Timmee figure.  These are uncommon figures and routinely misidentified on Ebay auctions.  Recasts showed up a few years ago in play sets with the Tootsie Toy and smooth Timmee figures.                                                                                                        

Worlds Fair sets:  Originally from the Worlds Fair Exhibit.


Ankylosaurus has a strong Tim Mee style look.



Trachodon has a distinct fring on the back.


Spaulding Dinosaur Company (SDC)  1980's

These figure figures were recast Marx figures.  They are waxy looking and appear to lack the detail of the original Marx casts.  Some of the figures are also MPC recasts.  I was told that the company was located in Mexico.


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