Late Cretaceous Edmontonian

Horseshoe Canyon Formation


Centrosaurines were large horned dinosaurs known only from Late Cretaceous of North America. They all looked similar except for the head and frills. The frills were short. The nasal horns or bosses well developed with no significant brow horns. The frill and skull can be covered with varied horns, hornlets and bosses. They is considerable variation between species and individuals and they are often asymmetric. Centrosaurines were declining from the Judithian to the Edmontonian.

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Papo Pachyrhinosaurus, CollectA Edmontonia, K&M pachycephlasaur, MicroMachine Natinal Geographic Troodon CollectA Pachyrhinosaurus Schliech Edmontonia.

Pachyrhinosaurus was the last of centrosaurines