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Early Jurassic

Hanson Formation

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The Hanson formation has produced theropod, fossilized trees, hebivorous tritylodonts, crow-sized pterosaurs and sauropodamorph remains.

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Mount Kirkpatrick in Antarctica has prosauropods and the theropod Cryolophosaurus. Only three of the Antarctic dinosaur fossils have yet been named (the carnosaur Cryolophosaurus, the sauropodomorph Glacialsaurus and the ankylosaur Antarctopelta), and it seems highly likely that several new kinds of dinosaur will be discovered. The importance of finds from Antarctica lie in the position of that continent as part of Gondwanaland during the Triassic period. By the end of the Jurassic period, Africa, South America and India had split off and only Australia remained joined to Antarctica.

CollectA Cryolophosaurus and Carnegie Plateosaurus.

Cryolophosaurus had a deep, narrow skull with a large lacrimal crest with orbital horn fused to the crest on each side. It is the first carnivorous dinosaur found in Antarctica and the first dinosaur described from there. It was found in association with bones from a prosauropod, a pterosaur, synapsids and other unidentified theropods.

Terra Battat Crylophosaurus

Cryolophosaurus was known as Elvisaurus before formal publication. Currently it is regarded as a coelophysid related to dilophosaurs.

Carnegie Safari Cryolophosaurus

Sauropodomorph Glacialsaurus may be most closely related to Lufengosaurus. Glacialisaurus is a  massospondylid dinosaur. It lived during the Early Jurassic period in what is now centralTransantarctic Mountains of Antarctica.

DinoWaurs Cryolophosaurus Plateosaurus Digicards Predator Plateosaurus


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