White Post Dinosaurs

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Dinosaur Land in White Post Va.

this a dinosaur park in its second generation as family business. Early in its history the park sold a set of figures that might have been based on some of it life size figures at the park. They are ugly, very collectible, impossible to find and go for high prices. The current proprietors have no recollection of the originals. You would think the basic idea of toys based on your displays would do well. I guess the idea didn't make it.



Pictures from the collection of Ken Proffit and Ebay auctions. See Prehistoric Times article by Ken Proffit for detailed information.

It is not always clear what these figures are supposed to be.

Pictures from Ebay auctions the brown theropod seems to be harder to find.

from the collection of Alan Archambault this set is missing the Iguanodon and Diatryma.

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