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Royal Ontario Museum (ROM ) in Canada, produced a line of Dinosaurs. Similar in style to Invicta and Marx figures.  Knocks offs of the figures are still being produced in China.  A Burgess Shale model series is currently being produced.

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The ROM figures were produced in 2 colors gray and tan. Very similar looking to the Invicta and Marx figures. One of the first Museum series and has a distinct Canadian content. Compatible in appearence with Marx, MPC and Sinclair figures. Albertosaurus, Diplodocus, Chasmosaurus and the icthyosaur Stenopterygius are firsts. When painted these especailly striking figures. See the work of Fred Hinojosa in the Retro Classic pages.

ROM Albertosaurus
ROM Chasmosaurus
ROM Diplodocus
ROM Ichthyosaurus
(Ichthyosaurus) Stenopterygius


ROM Lambeosaurus
ROM Parasaurolophus
ROM Pteranodon
ROM Stegosaurus

ROM Pictures from the collection of Justin Tweet.

ROM Knock offs from Hong Kong. These were premiuns and are slightly smaller with a variety of brighter colored plastics. Stenopterygius was not copied from reason.


Waiphoon painted ROM knock offs

Wai Phoon

Individual pieces seem to show mixed with other sets.

here is a paint your own set

Wai Phoon

ROM Burgess Shale series

ROM Laggania ROM Olenoides ROM Opabinia Rom Pikaia Rom Wiwaxia
Laggania Olenoides Opabinia Pikaia Wiwaxia


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