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dino boyz Bullyland

The Dino Boyz at work. The twins being Bully boys.

There have been three Tyrannosaurus figures for this series.  The original Tyrannosaurus was recycled as the Allosaurus before the current figure was created, and the second, held above on the right, was an excellent figure and the first bipedal Tyrannosaurus for any line.  The scale is mixed and figures are often released in more than one color as a bonus for collectors. Traditionally at least one new figure is released each year. Bullyland has been upgrading the figures of the Museum line and has some of the best theropods of any Toy line.

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Apatosaurus retired find it in the Morrison diorama Apatosaurus 2005 Allosaurusfind it stalking Giant Sauropods Archaeopteryx find it in the Giant Sauropods diorama. Arizonasaurus 2007
Brachiosaurus retired find it in the Morrison diorama Brachiosaurus   2005 two figures released both in green and brown the green is out of production.

Batrachotomus 2006 Middle Triassic archeosaur. The Postosuchus in WWD was reconstructed using this cloesly related fossil because at the time only limited material for Postosuchus was availiable.


Deinonychus look Early Cretaceous North America Diorama.

Dilophosaurusas seen in the Early Jurassic Kayenta Formation diorama

gignotosaurus iguanodon
Dimetrodon  Check out the Late Permian Dimetrodon Diorama Edaphosaurus retired Early Permian Elasmosaurus, Late Cretaceous figure comes in two colors.

Giganotosaurus 2010

Ichthyosaurus This figure comes in two colors. In the Seas of the Jurassic diorama

Iguanodon part of the Early Cretaceous North America Iguanodon 2010
Liliensternus 2006 Late Triassic

Mastodontosaurus retired but still resident in the Late Triassic diorama


Plateosaurus retired as seen in the Kayenta Formation diorama

Plateosaurus excellent figure now retired.


Parasaurolophus   resident in the Campanian diorama



Parathypothorax 2007 retired Middle Triassic aeteosaur Pteranodon  igens Pteranodon  sternbergi Pteranodon  sternbergi Both are currently in production the fish with the flying version detaches. Stegosaurus retired find it in the Late Jurassic Morrison diorama
Spinosaurus Stegosaurus Theirzinosaurus



Stegosaurus           2007

Styracosaurus retired as in the Judith River diorama

Tyrannosaurus running around the Hell Creek diorama Triceratops retired running around the Hell Creek diorama Triceratops





Velociraptor 2008

This wa s big departure for Bulllyland and I thought well done but was not that well recieved. It looks very much like the dromesaurs from When Dinosaurs Roamed America.


The Stuttgart line is made in Germany with high production quality. Current designs are among the best and range is often unique. The range of Triassic animals is unmatched. The market share in North America has been eroding. This is most likely do to a limited sales presence giving it a low name recognition among independent retailers. Bullyland was purchased in 2006 by a German manufacturing conglomerate and been expanding its warehouse and sales support in the US.



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