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Boston Museum of Science DinosaursThe Boston Museum of Science Dinosaurs by Battat released in 1994 – 1998 have been called the best set of dinosaurs ever sculpted. Dan LoRusso and Greg Wenzel, using the most current scientific interpretations of the time, created these beautiful 1:40 scale replicas. 
I originally reviewed the figures, released in three series, for The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette. There were pantograph mini versions released of some of the figures; there was also a smaller release of the Tyrannosaurus, but it was only released in very small numbers. 
The Tyrannosaurus and Dilophosaurus were each redone three times because the figures had problems standing, most likely because they were released from the molds early. It is possible to boil them in water and then adjust their posture so that they stand, but they tend to fall over as they cool. These figures made a big stir in the toy dinosaur community when released.  The dynamic poses and coloring made other lines seem old fashioned; they have even been copied in hollow vinyl by low-end toy companies in China. The figures appeared to have been very successful, but with the decline of the toy animal market Battat stopped production.  AAA has been using Battat style paint schema for some of its figures.


Three Point

All these figures are used in dioramas. Click on the links to visit the dioramas featuring each figure.

Amargasaurus Acrocanthosaurus tokensis Diplodocus  Dilophosaurus wetherii  Ceratosaurus 



Carnotaurus sastrei  Edmontonia  Euoplocephalus tutus Gallimimus Maiasaura peeblesorum


Ouranosaurus  Pachycephalosaurus Parasaurolophus walkeri  Stegosaurus  Styracosaurus



Triceratops    Tyrannosaurus   Utahraptor


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